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MASH is offering a wide range of different tutoring options from pre-school through high-school (Sixth Form).

We cover all major subjects such as mathematics, English, science, ESL Tutoring and finally entrance exams preparation namely – SSAT/SAT/ACT/IELTS/TOEFL.

Hourly Tuition 1-1

Our tutoring department will help select the best teacher for your child and together make a complete academic roadmap geared towards fulfilling your child’s goals.

Group Tuition 1-6

MASH hosts weekly master lessons throughout the week taught by our highly experienced teachers. Our group sessions are interesting, engaging while challenging the students at their individual levels.

Why Choose MASH Tutoring

Qualified Teacher

Our agency have access to thousands of highly qualified teachers, subject specialists in the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand. Our teachers are all native-level English speakers who are friendly and fun to work with. They all hold internationally recognized teaching qualifications – as required by the British Council.

Online Courses

We are experts at running enjoyable and stimulating online lessons. Our team of language and subject experts have +35 years’ experience between them. Their task is to make sure that you learn the most current form of English. And that you learn it in the most stimulating and enjoyable way. Try one of our ZOOM lessons today.

Offline Courses

Our offline courses are hosted at MASH Learning’s head office and learning centre, which is situated in Beijing, China. Our +600 SQM location is second-to-none as it’s in close proximity to all major schools in the city. Our campus is located just 200 meters from Beijing International Bilingual Academy (BIBA), plus we have excellent parking facilities, which makes it hassle-free for students and visitors to access.

Personal Service

Our senior customer service team will be happy to answer your questions and give good advice while your child is studying with MASH.

Academic Achievement

The aim for our online programs are for them to be an enjoyable experience for students and teachers alike. The objective for our students is to develop confidence, skills, test-taking technique and above all unlock their full potential.

Individually Tailored Program

Each of the students have an individually built program carefully designed to complement the
student’s particular subject, syllabus or curriculum. The study program is constantly updated to
ensure that it always fits the students exact needs and wants.

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