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Locating and applying to a British school is a complicated and time-consuming procedure. Our placement advisory team puts your child and family at the centre of the process.

Each family is unique and as such we offer a personalized advisory service focusing on shortlisting schools, arranging personal onsite visits, selecting the school and finally landing a spot at the school of your dreams.

Our university consultants work closely with the admissions department with the vast majority of the leading UK Universities and Colleges to ensure a completely tailored approach to your application on the perfect course.

In other words our advisory team will work with you throughout the entire application process from our 360 assessments to supporting the students preparation for entrance exams and school interviews. Our expertise and in-depth knowledge have got you covered!

  • School Placement Service

    MASH Learning and our exclusive partner in the UK offer a highly personalized school placement service to support international families looking for a British education for their child in the best possible school for them. By careful matching of the young person to their chosen school, we ensure each child is happy, thrives academically and socially, and fulfills their potential.

    How we work

    When you work with MASH you can expect a personalized service that is designed to fit around your needs. Prior to starting the application process we will spend some time to get to know your child and family, which will help us fully understand your expectations of a prospective school.

    Following this initial stage our school placement process covers:

    Stage 1
    Finding the right type of school

    • Detailed consultation with you to understand your hopes for your child’s education and to gain an appreciation of their interests and strengths
    • Initial interview with your child to appreciate their level of spoken English and to examine
    • their most recent school report
    • Explanation of the UK education process including the structure of UK schools and colleges, the typical entrance requirements of each establishment, the different qualifications available, start dates and advice on the best pathway for your child

    Stage 2
    Creating a shortlist of potential schools

    • Presentation to you of potential schools for your child with links to their websites and virtual tours to give you an introduction to what is available
    • Organisation of school visits and introductions to key staff in person if you can visit the UK or a similar online experience if not
    • Assistance with the school application process and completion of forms on timely receipt of key information from parents to include school reports, child’s and parents’ passports, birth certificates etc

    Stage 3
    Securing a place

    • Completion of entrance tests for individual schools either at the school or under supervised exam conditions implemented by MASH Learning
    • Help to make the final decision over which school your child is to attend
    • Assistance with completion of the school’s information forms on acceptance
    • Introduction to an accredited and recommended visa company
    • Advice on attendance at specific pre-sessional courses if needed or desired
    • On-going AEGIS accredited and BSA certified elite guardianship care to best support you and your child throughout their time in the UK
  • University Placement Service

    Alongside their School Placement Service, MASH Learning and our exclusive UK partner offer a personalized University Placement Service to support international families looking for a British university education for their son or daughter.

    Through an individualized approach, tailored to the young person’s needs and considering the parents’ aspirations, we will guide and support the family through the process from start to finish. They will be tutored and encouraged to make the most appropriate university choices, complimented by the strongest application. Moreover, we offer ongoing guardianship care to the student and their family throughout their education in the UK.

    Our personal services includes:

    Stage 1
    An introduction to the UK University Application System, UCAS

    • A virtual or face-to-face meeting to explain the UK UCAS System; the UCAS timeline & the online UCAS application form, Oxbridge, Russell Group universities, top ranking universities based on subjects chosen

    Stage 2
    Advice on course and university selection

    • A meeting to identify the student’s current education profile, academic passion and future hopes followed by creation of a shortlist of recommended universities and courses

    Stage 3
    Advice on how to boost the student’s chances of success

    • Encouragement for further reading, work experience, super curricular activities, online learning & courses and internships

    Stage 4
    Support with the student’s Personal Statement

    • Provision of a framework to help the student structure their Personal Statement and advice on two draft statements produced by the student

    Stage 5
    Encouraging a timely completion of the student’s UCAS application & follow-up

    • Pointers to online practice of university admissions tests as needed • Advice and support to prepare for a university interview if required • Advice on accepting firm and insurance offers once received

    Stage 6
    Guidance on Results Day

    • How to accept confirmed offer of a place once the criteria have been met
    • Support to find another suitable course through Clearing if offers are not met
    • Explanation of Adjustment process through UCAS Extra
    • How to Defer the place if required
    • Introduction to an accredited and recommended visa company
    • Introduction to student finance
    • Preparation for life at university including accommodation, making friends and joining societies
    • On-going AEGIS accredited and BSA certified elite guardianship care to best support you and your child throughout their education in the UK

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