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All good boarding schools and colleges in the UK insist that their international students, whatever their age, have a guardian. 

A guardian represents a student’s parents by caring for the child independently of the school or college, doing everything that a parent would do if they were in the UK. Help with travel to and from the school, checking that the child is happy and settled, talking to teachers and house staff, going to the school parents’ meetings, sports matches or plays, offering a happy and safe home if the child has to leave school for any reason: the guardian is there to help that individual child just like a caring parent.

Guardianship Operational Process


Parents accept offer of a UK school place & start visa process


Parents select a Guardianship Organisation (Our exclusive partner is AEGIS Gold Accredited & BSA Certified putting them at the top of the rankings)


MASH and our partner organizes online meeting or answers any questions via email or WeChat throughout the process to establish positive and open relationship with the family


Parents complete the online Registration Form & Medical Activity Form


Parents receive & sign Parent Contract


Parents receive and pay Fee Invoice & Student Expense Account request


MASH/UK partner & parents complete school guardian form to confirm guardianship


MASH/UK partner starts to plan for the student’s arrival in the UK and book any presessional courses that may be required


MASH/UK Partner welcomes student (and maybe the family too) into the UK and escorts them to their school


MASH/UK partner supports the student and family throughout their first few days and onwards throughout their time in the UK education system.

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