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For over +6 years MASH Learning has been delivering high quality educational travel programs, field trips and fun multi-activity courses for schools and groups all over the world.

We work closely with party leaders and teachers to ensure your camp is carefully planned and exceeds all expectations. You can expect full support from MASH at every step of the way.

Through our great range of camp selections and destinations MASH ensures your students develop skills, knowledge and friendships throughout their time with us.

Co-creation · Science · Nature

This MASH camp is hosted in Finland designed to offer students learning experiences that showcase the world-renowned Finnish approach to education. Learn from the best while exploring co-creation, science and nature on a local and global level through a set of themes related to the UN Sustainability goals.

The Ultimate Science Trip

This MASH Summer Course is hosted in Switzerland, France and Spain and is centered around various scientific inquiries. We call it, “The Ultimate Science Trip”, because that’s really what it is.

Students will be interacting with the world’s top science professionals and among others be learning about the great questions of contemporary physics and chemistry at CERN, The European Organization for Nuclear Research in Switzerland. In addition students will be visiting United National Heartquarters as well as an Airbus Site for interactive tours and much much more.

Hornbill Research · Forest Restoration

This MASH Camp is hosted in Thailand. Through an inquiry into the keystone species supported by two National Parks and local researchers this course is designed for students to understand that fragmentation of habitat results in loss of biodiversity. Students will investigate the role of keystone species in 2 locations, namely the northern Thai forest of Doi Suthep and a forest complex that includes Khao Yai an UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Space Academy Singapore is Singapore’s premiere space training programme conducted with a special focus to promote science and engineering among students. The week long programme is conducted by current and former NASA engineers/scientists who are currently consultants to present-day NASA projects.

Space Academy Singapore is an academically rigorous programme with an intense focus on science and math as well as other areas such personality and leadership development, communication skills and critical thinking.

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