YuMing St. 1, Unit 3-6 HouShaYu101318, ShunYi, Beijing, China Phone: +8615910779968 Email: info@mashlearning.com

MASH Learning is a global education consultancy headquartered in Beijing, China

Through our extensive network of offices and exclusive partners around the world we offer an unparalleled selection of educational support services designed to help families at every stage of their academic journey.

We work closely with students each and every step of the way from early pre-school years to university placements. Our second to none tutoring and educational travel programs are all tailormade to ensure a great learning experiences with maximum academic achievement.

As one of the China’s leading advisory agencies, we guide and advise families on overseas school and university placements. This is a complex process that requires great insight, knowledge and an expansive network to ensure that students gain access to the best educational institutions of their dreams.

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Values and Principles

  • Our China-based consultancy, MASH Learning, was founded with the core principle to provide the absolute best educational support to families in China no matter where they are on their educational journey.
  • Our company logo is inspired by our students, and the fact that they’re all different. This thought is fully adapted to the way we operate our business in all divisions of our company – Private tuition, school placement, university applications, Oxbridge admissions and finally our international camps and courses.
  • We pride ourselves on our unique ability to become a long-lasting part of families educational journey and an indispensable support for their relocation to the UK.

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